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Ain Zhalta and The Cedars of Barouk, reached from either Moukhtara or Barouk village, are smaller and younger than those of Bsharre, but extremely beautiful and well cared for.Ain Zhalta LebanonAbove the grove at the summit of the mountain there is a panoramic view overlooking the Beqaa valley.

Another cedar grove can be found on Mount Maaser above the picturesque village of Maaser Esh-Shouf, reached via Deir el-Qamar, Bhamdoun or Moukhtara.

Maaser, which means "presses" in Arabic, is known for its arak, an anise flavored grape alcohol.

The mountaintop here also has a spectacular view that extends over much of the Beqaa. Together, the forests of Barouk, Maaser esh-Shouf and Ain Zhalta form a reserve of over two million cedar trees. More than 112 species of birds, 16 species of other trees and 24 species of wild mammals are also protected in this area, which accounts for five percent of Lebanon's territory.

Barouk National Reserve

The reserve, formed in 1994, is one of three protected areas in Lebanon to benefit from the United Nations' Protected Areas Project.

Barouk National reserve is the biggest natural reserve in Lebanon & the middle east. It is decorated by around 2 millions of majestic cedars trees.

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