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The famous Lebanese MezzeThe enduring tradition of the Lebanese Mezze sets the scene for one of the greatest pleasure the country has to offer: a hundred dishes and a hundred flavors all at one setting. The Lebanese, those clever cooks and traders, have spread their cuisine to all parts of the world. Thanks to them, great restaurants in London, New York and Sydney serve TABBOULEH (crushed wheat & parsley salad), HOUMMOS (pureed chickpeas), and BABAGANNOUJ (eggplant dip).

An average long lunch in Lebanon may mean 50 or 60 dishes covering every inch of the table. While almost any food item can appear on the Mezze table, a spread that doesn't include Tabbouleh, Hoummos and Babagannouj is almost unheard off.

When eating traditional Lebanese food, particularly the Mezze, the most sophisticated citizen has to go back to old village ways; no forks are needed here. A good supply of Arabic bread is an essential tool.

Finally a platter of lettuce hearts, green onions, cucumbers, mint, tomatoes and radishes should tower at the center of the table.

Traditionally, the Lebanese food is served with Arak; a licorice flavored alcohol. Then the restaurant menu moves to true dishes such as Shish Kabab, Kofta, Chicken or Fish; you can choose other dishes but these are the favorite after Mezze.

For your desert, you can choose among a wide variety of Lebanese sweets such as Kishta, Helou Arabi and much much more.

The Holy month of Ramadan is respected by abstention from food or drink during daylight.

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